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 Story i've been working on for a while

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PostSubject: Story i've been working on for a while   Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:59 pm

Okay, guys, i'm not the best writer, so bear with me. :3
anyways, i have to thank you for coming into this section, and i hope you like the story, if you like it even minimally.
*Note that this is not even CLOSE to being done*
Mk, if you like this, just Put a message down there V
mkmkmk. Lesh get started.
*Note this is the second book in the series. (My friend and i aren't done with the first, though i decided to work on the second because i got inspiration for it.*
*Note II:We have many people working on these and helping, but i have been the main person to write this one*
Mk, here it is.

The Forest of Bleeding Trees II:

Hello, I’m Chloe. I was once a normal girl, but was possessed, by something, though I can’t be sure what it is, I know that I’m not myself.
My first clue was when I killed my boyfriend. We were trapped inside of the Forest of Bleeding Trees, of which has made me possessed. I first snapped out of the trance for but one second, as I was grabbing the knife from my sheath, I had thought Why am I doing this? and nearly snapped out of it. But unfortunately, I had to continue, but I had no idea why. I know now it was because I was possessed.
I crept slowly towards Paul’s back, grasping the long, deadly weapon that would bring his life to an end. As I reached his back I stopped, and started to think, I am about to kill my only friend. But again, I shrugged the feeling off. I brought the knife upward into the air, ready to stab him through the head. Inside of me a battle was raging, between the thing possessing me, and myself, trying not to kill him.
In the end, I had lost the battle in my soul, finally bringing the knife down through his back, and into his heart, ending his life within seconds.

Chapter One

“Aaahhh!” I wake up screaming.
Where am I? I think to myself, willing it to come out as words, but of course, my words wouldn’t come out.
I hear beeping in the background, as I think about all of this, I hear the beeping accelerate, and realize its monitoring my heart.
Finally, I get the thoughts formed into words. “Where am I?” I ask to particularly no one, not even aware enough to tell if anyone else is with me.
I am still not far enough in conciousness to realize that someone was speaking to me, trying to tell me something. I calm down enough to hear her words.
“You’re in a hospital, we found you unconscious from lack of blood, do you remember anything?”
“Wait, what? A hospital? Lack of blood?” Why can’t I remember anything? I think to myself
“It’s okay, you lost a lot of blood, not to remember everything can be expected.”
“All I remember is…Being in a… Forest?…And I remember my boyfriend… But nothing besides that.” Thinking of him made me wonder what happened to him.
“Speaking of my boyfriend…Did you find anyone else nearby?”
“I’m sorry, no, but we are searching for him, do you remember if anyone else was with you who could have been involved?”
“There may have been, but I can’t remember who, or even if there was anyone else with us.”
“That’s okay, it’ll come back to you, you’re safe here.”
“Speaking of which, when will you let me out of here?”
“Well, it may be a while, you had a lot of wounds, and massive blood loss, you’ll be in here for at least a few days, I’m sorry to say.”
“I need to find my boyfriend.”
“Well, we’re looking as good as we can, but once you’re out I recommend against you searching, he may be dead, or in the same condition you were in, which doesn’t give him long to live if he is still alive.”
“I still have to try.” I said.
“Well, I need to go to other people, you’re not my only person to look after.” she says as her pager beeps.
“Okay, but before you go, what is there to do around here?”
“Just rest, get some sleep, and recover from your injuries.”
As she reminds me of my injuries I actually notice how sore I really am, and decide a good sleep could be helpful.
It seems seconds after I’m asleep when I awaken, screaming so loud I woke myself up, It was another nightmare. I can’t remember what its about though, as I never have been, every night I’ve had the same nightmare, but as soon as I wake up, I can’t remember why I was screaming, or even what the dream was about. It’s happened so often now, that even the nurses stop checking on me when I wake up screaming.
The nurse from the beginning is back in here, working to make sure I’m comfortable.
“Today’s the day you get to leave, so look forward to it” She says
“It’s already time to go…Hmm…Well, I need to find my boyfriend, and I feel well enough to go, so I’m ready to leave as soon as I can.”
“Well, we’re going to let you go in a few hours, I hope you’re ready for it.”
“I am.”
“Well, I’ll be back in a while, when its time to release you.”
About two hours later…
“Hey, its time to release you, I hope you’re ready!”
“Okay, I’ve been ready since day one.”

Chapter Two
Back at home. Listening to one of my old records.
Suddenly I decide. “I’m going to find my boyfriend.”
I grab a map, and find the area where I faintly remember being.
An hour later. Cutting through the trees of one of the few forests near the area I was in.
“Hell! Where are you!?” I yell out to no one in particular.
I wonder if I’ll ever find him…
I decide my approach to look by myself is not working, and I decide to give up for the day.
Once in bed, I’m restless, knowing I should be looking for him, somehow knowing if he was in my place, and I in his he would be looking for me all day, so I decide to form a search party to find him.

“Okay, let’s find him, guys!” I yell, sure today is the day something will happen.
We go into the ‘BloodTown Forest” looking for him.
After about one hour of searching, we can simply not find him in this forest, and I realize the hope is lost for him being here.
“Guys, I don’t think he’s here, let’s try the forest closest to here before stopping for today.” I tell the crew.
“Okay, so we’re going to,” --She pauses to check her map “The Forest Of Bleeding Trees?”
“Yup, sounds like something from a horror story, huh?”
“I know, I feel like we should get in there and get out, but it also sounds like a good place for where he could be, but I can’t put my finger on why.”
We enter the forest, and right away I know something is wrong. The place has an eerie feeling to it, and I have no idea why, but I feel scared and alone, though I can see the rest of the team with me.
We walk up a hill as we start to lose hope of finding him.
That’s when we see the body.
We all scream in unison, and Haley -- One of the girls on the search party, runs forward, to tell if it still has a pulse. Inches away from the body, her head gets separated from her body from a thin strip of razor wire that we just notice, too late to help her.
We realize too late that this forest must be the right one, and that he wasn’t lost…He was murdered.
Hazel starts walking slowly towards where the beheaded Haley and the dead body are, walking as slowly as possible to make sure she doesn’t get hit by the razor wire as well. She gets near the razor wire, and starts walking around. Unfortunately, she doesn’t look at her feet, and doesn’t notice until too late that she has triggered a trip wire. Suddenly, her face explodes -- or so it seems.
We all were expecting something, so, though it was gruesome, and scared us all, we still expected it.
There are now two group members left, Sophie and myself.
“You want to go back?” I say.
“That should be obvious.” She replies.
We turn around and walk slowly back, surely it can’t be this easy just to walk out. We reach the edge and leap for joy, and start running to the end of the forest. Out of nowhere the ground gives way, and we fall into a pit about 10 feet deep, knocking us unconscious.
Right as I wake up, I notice there is something wrong. I suddenly black out again.
The forest has taken hold of me again, and I know I must kill Sophie, for some unknown reason. I’m sure that after this scene is done, I will not remember anything about it, which is just as well.
I grab a lighter from my pocket, and catch her foot on fire. The pain makes her wake up, and she starts screaming. I continue anyways though. After her foot has been thoroughly roasted, I decide that it’ll be too hard to continue if she’s not tied up. I grab some rope from the corner of the room, and I tie her arms and legs together into a hog-tie and put a gag into her mouth, to stop the screams from alerting nearby people. I grab my knife that I normally would use for perfectly normal uses, and open it slowly, savoring her fear.
I Slowly start cutting around her foot, and realize that this is too boring of a way for me. I try to find something else to do, but I can’t think of anything at the moment, so I’ll settle on letting her burn to death.
I grab my lighter again, and this time catch her pant leg on fire, and watch as she burns slowly.
“Woah, I must of blacked out again, are you okay, Sophie?” I ask.
After a few seconds of waiting I realize this isn’t just a pit, it’s more of a cave.
“Sophie!?” I yell out, hoping she’s okay.”
I assume she must’ve just fell into a different area. I walk through one of the tunnels and find Sophie, her burnt body no longer recognizable, but I somehow know it is her.
“Oh, no…”
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PostSubject: Re: Story i've been working on for a while   Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:21 am

It's good Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Story i've been working on for a while   Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:01 am

Yey, I got burned to death. Very Happy I prefer the stabbing though. D:< But newayz its still good. Gluxxx <3

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PostSubject: Re: Story i've been working on for a while   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:22 pm

Thanks mennoz.
Might change that just to fit your 'needz' Rofl.
Today is my day to uze z as an ess.
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PostSubject: Re: Story i've been working on for a while   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:48 pm

Lolx that's good XD Nice story
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PostSubject: Re: Story i've been working on for a while   

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Story i've been working on for a while
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