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 Xenion's Application

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PostSubject: Xenion's Application   Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:09 pm

Name: Tyler Toutges

In-game name: Xenion

Age: 17

Availability: 4+ hours a day

Some pros and cons of me:

- Very friendly
- I DO NOT favor players based on my relation to them
- played maple since beta testing of GMS
- not easily irritated
- very commited to helping the server grow and get known
- i can do some coding and whatnot. not the best though mind you =]

- easily distracted
- travels frequently. (usually has a laptop with but will keep updated if accepted)
- sometimes not the fastest to respond

What i can contribute:
I think that i can contribute to the server by just being a down to earth GM that doesnt think just about his job and will have fun with the players. i will always respond (maybe not right away if im busy). i will do EVERYTHING within my power to help players. also if needed i can get some advertising for the server =]

What is a GM to me:
A GM to me is just a normal player that has special abilities. They can still be banned and can be demoted. They must not break rules for either players or GMs. they also must be willing to help the public. Not helping means not being liked and thats no fun. Also a GM has to be willing to sacrifice their time for the players and the server.

Do you have experience being a GM?
Yes i do!! I have alot of experience. I have owned my own servers from v32 all the way up to v75. I know the commands and whatnot. I was a GM on RedMS if anyone played that server. I can do some coding like i said above but i am really not the fastest or greatest. I also have been moderators for websites and forums.

What is your goal of being accepted:
i really want to help out. both the players and the server.

What would you do if someone was scammed of a rare item:
I would have to prove that the player actually had the item to begin with. Like say a SS. And also i would like to see a SS of the trade completed thing. If proven i would ask the scammer to either give it back or get either banned or stipped (depending on the severity). If they did not give it back then i would ask the Admin if would be alright to refund the item to the player (only if proven they had the item to begin with)

What would you do if you were denied?
If i was denied i would just continue to play and get more acquainted with the staff and wait until more staff members are needed then i would re-apply to become a GM.

Extra words:
Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application! I am really looking foreward to feedback and whatnot. If accepted you will not be disappointed with your decision. Thank you once again :

Tyler Toutges
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Xenion's Application
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